For small businesses that have recurring legal needs but do not yet require full time in-house counsel, we offer "outside/in-house" counsel services. We work directly with the owners of businesses and their staff, getting to know the business from top to bottom.

Our outside/in-house counsel services are provided at an affordable flat or monthly rate, allowing for yearly budgeting and planning. Meetings, phone conversations, legal research, letter writing, employment matters, and general business legal work similar to what full-time in-house counsel would do for your business are included in the flat or monthly rate. Preventative measures can be considered, problems averted, and business planning implemented.




Businesses frequently have employee-related legal questions and issues. Swiderski & Ward P.C. is dedicated to ensuring the protection of your company by helping you create or review your employee handbook to ensure protection from potential lawsuits. In conjunction with our compliance capabilities we can construct effective training policies and procedures for employees. Swiderski, Ward & Burns can help you properly plan for any potential issues that arise during the processes of hiring and firing employees, determining a compensation structure, and other employment-related issues.

Swiderski & Ward can help you prepare for all of the unforeseeable accidents and how to most effectively protect your workers. Up-to-date policies and procedures can reduce your incident rate, which in turn gives you safer and happier employees and the possibility for lower premiums because of a lower incident rate.


For many businesses, in-house counsel is unnecessary. In addition to the outside/in-house counsel model, Swiderski & Ward P.C. offers a wide range of business legal services ranging from drafting formation documentation to ensure your business is properly created to reviewing previously drafted contracts to winding up or dissolving a business. Some of the services we offer are listed below.


We can help create your new corporation or limited liability company. We review with you the available options for structuring your business and help you get the proper documents in place to ensure smooth corporate governance. We also advise you regarding the initial steps, including filing for the various required state and federal tax numbers, obtaining business insurance, renting or purchasing your place of business, hiring employees, and establishing proper policies. As the business grows, changes to the organization structure of the business itself may become necessary. Swiderski & Ward P.C. can help you navigate the alterations to ensure an efficient transition.

In the event a party has failed to pay you in the terms or timeframe you previously agreed upon, we can help you collect. If our initial demands are unsuccessful, we can file suit and attempt to collect on judgments obtained. We will help you get compensated for the services or products that you have provided to your customers.


Swiderski & Ward P.C. specializes in legal matters that concern small and medium-sized businesses. This size business can face a disadvantage by lacking a middle management team tasked with staying up-to-date on the changing policies that govern businesses on a state and federal level. We can help you interpret new policies that are often complicated. We can also help you implement the best practices that reduce your business?s exposure to risk from regulatory agencies. We can help you interpret regulations and develop employee education and training procedures, as well as represent you if your company is being pursued for violation of policies.

At Swiderski & Ward P.C., we are dedicated to helping you preemptively avoid legal issues, or work through legal matters you may be facing. We are here as a resource to ensure your small or medium-sized business can thrive in all aspects of its operations. There are many unforeseeable problems that arise in the day-to-day activities of any business activity, and we are here to use our knowledge of business law to help your business succeed. Through our innovative pricing models, we seek to ensure that your company is provided with exceptional legal services without having to suffer through the uncertainty of legal fees that are charged hourly. Our monthly or flat rate billing structure ensures transparency in our pricing and allows you to budget your legal fees appropriately. The only circumstances that require a different pricing structure are litigation matters, which are typically billed by the hour.


In today's business world, contracts are necessary. At Swiderski & Ward P.C., we have valuable experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a variety of different contracts. We seek to protect you and the interests of your company no matter the scale or scope of the contract that you require.


Are you considering the purchase or sale of a restaurant or bar that sells alcohol? Under Michigan law, the transfer of a liquor license requires the approval of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. As with any regulatory agency, understanding the process and the concerns of the regulators can ensure a smooth transfer. Not understanding the process can cause untold complications and delays. We help you navigate through the regulatory requirements to avoid the pitfalls



While most matters can be settled through negotiation and compromise, there are times when litigation becomes necessary. Whether your business requires a lawsuit to recover damages suffered from a breach of contract or finds itself defending its business practices, Swiderski & Ward P.C. can represent your business interests in court.

Swiderski & Ward P.C. is here to ensure your desired transaction benefits your company. We can help you maneuver through the terms and execution of transactions, including buying and selling companies, assets, and ownership. For large scale sales or purchases, there are many intracacies that require careful attention to detail and a knowledgeable attorney that can protect your interests. Swiderski, Ward & Burns will help complete your transactions in a timely, efficient manner.